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History of Hepicloud


Hepicloud created by Gregory Picq in november 2019 following a passion for server development and management since over 9 years old in self-taught he knows how to set the objective of offering reliable and easy to use services for any budget !


Hepicloud assess excellent sure Google by his clients !
following its success, we now offer Appointment to our local or your home for you to accompany in the creation of your project !


1. May, 2020.
Verified review
I recommend Hepicloud if you want to get a game server. I currently have a server with them, there is no problem, it works perfectly, the after-sales service and the appointment for any request is great. If I have to say one negative point is the panel on the site it still needs some improvement for beginners, but for a seasoned person the FTP will be enough to do whatever you want from your server!
Green Laurent
Green Laurent
3. April, 2020.
Verified review
The company is very responsive in case of concerns or help. I subscribed to 3 gaming machines, none of the 3 presents any problem, 0 lag guaranteed! I really recommend going through Hepicloud compared to everything it offers, the quality is present and the price is attractive!
Cissoko abdel kader
Cissoko abdel kader
20. February, 2020.
Verified review
Serious rigorous company. the work is ready on time. I recommend +5 stars

the Hepicloud team

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